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Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags
Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags

    Space Saving Vacuum Storage Bags



      This incredible Vacuum Storage Bag is the perfect much-needed space-saving hack.

      • Save Space: The best way to store bulky items and keepsakes
      • Save Money: More space to pack your travel bag = less luggage = Less money spent on checked baggage at the airport!



      • Air-tight & reusable storage bags
      • Simple and easy to use
      • Works with any vacuum cleaner or hand-pump
      • Protects your valuable items from water, bugs, dirt, mildew, and odors
      • Can easily be stacked on top of one another
      • Fits neatly in a suitcase for travel or storage

      HOW TO USE
      1. Open the bag and insert items for storage.
      2. Close the bag approximately 2/3rd of the way.
      3. Press down on items to rid them of excess air.quilt or clothing a few times, so that most of the air discharged from the top of the bag.  
      4. Slide back and forth to ensure proper closure
      5. Turn knob to ON direction to loosen the suction.
      6. After pumping,tighten the Pump,close the dust cover.


      • Q: Do these bags stay deflated?
        A: Yes.  As long as the screw-on cap is applied properly the bag will remain sealed.
      • Q: Do I need a vacuum?
        A: No you do not need a vacuum. Any hand-pump will do.
      • Q: Do you sell hand-pumps?
        A: Yes we do and they're on sale with your purchase!
      • Q: Are they water proof?
      • A: Yes, these bags protect your precious belongings from water, dirt, mildew, insects and odors!


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