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Top 5 Ways To Add More Awesomeness In Your Home

by Michelle Robles on January 07, 2020

If you're like us, as a child, you didn't have much say-so in how your home was, the way it looked, smelled, and felt... well aside from the occasional posters you were allowed to pin to your bedroom walls, and even then there were restrictions when it came to adding your own personal touch to your living space.

Now fully into adulthood, you can truly have things your way when it comes to making your home more awesome.

Below are our top five tips to add more awesomeness into your home that are easy to implement and will make your home-life so much more enjoyable.

1.  Go Green

Bringing the outdoors in, especially in the wintertime, isn't just great for the air you breathe, it's also great for reducing toxins that live in the air, reducing stress, and boosting your mood.  Try placing your indoor plants in high traffic areas of your home for the most enjoyment. 

Fun fact: NASA researches discovered that it only take 24 hours for houseplants to reduce air toxins in your home... besides most of us spend 90% of our lives inside our home.


2.  Create A Dedicated "Me" Space

Every homebody needs a special place within the home to call their own.  A place to read your favorite book with your favorite beverage (coffee, wine, or both 😊), get away from the kids, meditate, or just a bit of much-needed "Me" time.  

Set aside a separate area of your kitchen or den and give it a makeover.  Set your best coffee mugs out, align your favorite books and make it feel like your own little paradise that you can retreat to in the time of need.


3.  Add Accent Pillows

Spending extra money on new accent pillows doesn't seem like it would make a big difference but, this is one of those enhancements that goes a long way.  The new decor will brighten your space, and your mood instantly, giving your space a totally refreshed look.


4.  Grow Your Garden

You don't need to have a huge space to start growing your own plants.  Whether you grow fragrant flowers, or food, whether you have a nice-sized back yard, or an apartment balcony, set aside an area to plant.  Even if your outside space is limited, you can easily grow indoors with our LushLife Indoor Vertical Garden ($10.99).

Being able to eat fresh fruit, veggies & herbs will make your meals more tastier and nutritious.  Growing your own food will not only reduce stress but it also saves money on groceries and reduces your environmental impact while building a sense of pride.


5.  Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Who says you have to spend big on a spa visit to get the full relaxing treatment.  A more cost-effective approach is investing time into your bathroom so you can have your luxury spa treatment any day (or night).  Try adding plenty of plants, and our Cushioned Spa Pillow $21.99 to help you relax and unwind after a long day.


For more great tips like these to help you live your best home life, be sure to join us via email!